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Eclipse Website Integration

One of our most requested solutions is providing communication between consumer or B2B websites and Eclipse. Our exclusive technology provides several advantages over other connectivity options available for Eclipse.

  • Performance - most interactions with Eclipse happen in a second or less, making the website as responsive as Eterm or Solar. For example, when an order is submitted by a user on the website, it's entered into Eclipse and the order number is returned in real time.
  • Flexibility - we can provide access from the website to any data in Eclipse, including PDW or the document imaging add-on. Also, Element account hosting is supported for payment via credit card.

    Our turnkey components can be customized as needed or replaced entirely to meet your requirements. That way, our customers have the freedom to make their websites look and function in the way their customers want to do business.

    This approach provides flexibility, which is essential as business requirements, and therefore the underlying systems, evolve over time.
  • Scalable - high volumes of traffic are supported by increasing the number of simultaneous connections to the Eclipse server. Also, the load on the Eclipse server per connection is light - generally less than an Eterm or Solar user. So, there is little, if any, impact on the performance of Eclipse.
  • Easy to Learn - developers typically find that they are readily able to incorporate communication with Eclipse into a website. To assist them, we provide working examples and thorough documentation. In addition, we're available to help them understand how Eclipse works throughout the website development project. This means our customers can use the web developer they choose.

Many of our projects also include synching of product and reorderpad data to a website database. This approach provides maximum speed and flexibility for product searches. See Database Synching for more information.

We currently have 15 to 20 Eclipse customers using our connection technology, including the Eclipse Users Group (UFO). Some companies have used it as a replacement for Epicor's Web Integration XML offering, while others have used it as the basis for developing a website that supplants the older Web Order Entry add-on. The feedback we've received from our customers indicates they are pleased with the performance and reliability of our software, as well as our ability to provide the precise functionality they need.

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Our Customers Say...

"We have worked with the team at Ponderosa Solutions over the last 4 years to implement a number of improvements to our Eclipse system. Most recently they have provided integration with Eclipse for our website. Also, they've enabled us to automate some of our internal processes by extracting information from Eclipse. Roy understands our needs and has been a great partner for our business."

Kurt Melzer, Director of Product Management & Marketing

Nassco Inc.


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