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Custom Enhancements

Many of our customers have unique requirements and have asked us to develop solutions which enhance Eclipse to better support their business. These include:

  • importing product information, pricing updates, customer orders, etc
  • emailing price books, order acknowledgments, etc. as CSV or XLS files
  • custom reports which provide different data or formats than the canned reports Eclipse provides or can be readily accomplished using Report Writer

We work with our customers to develop solutions that fit their specific needs. Here are some of the projects we've done for other companies. These may provide food for thought in seeing ways in which Eclipse could be enhanced to better server the needs of your business.

Custom Reports

Reports which are either not available in Eclipse or are revised versions of existing reports.

  • Aged Receivables By Writer
  • Discounts On Taxable Sales
  • Product Sales History with Buyline, Hits, Rank
  • Sales Statistics By Shipping Branch
  • Receiving Statistics For Purchases/Transfers
  • Comparison of Standard and Rebate Sales
  • Current customer Activity Triggers
  • Daily changes made to customers or products
  • Fill Rate with current on-hand quantities considered for each shipment

Automatic Emails

Periodic notifications or other emails with are generated automatically.

  • Price Change Notifications
    Notification of changes to a customer's pricing for recently purchased products or products for which they have a pricing override. These can be sent either directly to the customer or to their salesperson for review before being sent.
  • GP Change Notifications
    Emails to salespeople listing changes to GP when costs change for items that have fixed sales prices.
  • Salesperson MTD Sales Emails
    Sales and GP by customer. Sent daily.
  • Management GP Emails
    Branch GP broken down into Stock and Directs for Daily, MTD and YTD.
  • Salesperson Past Due Emails
    Customers with past due balances. Sent weekly.
  • Salesperson Budget Group Emails
    Sales and GP by customer and budget group. Sent weekly.
  • Unbilled Freight Charges Emails
    A list of inbound freight charges for any tagged items which haven't been costed or billed.

Exporting to Other Systems

Automatically export data as CSV, tab-delimited, XML, etc in the precise format needed for import into your customer's or vendor's software, as well as applications used within your company.

  • Email Invoices or Order Acknowledgments to your customers for import in the format needed by their software
  • Export orders to your delivery route software
  • Automatically send Purchase Orders to vendors
  • Email customers current price lists or price changes to customers
  • Transport via cXML, Email or FTP

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