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Fill Rate Report
Based On Available Stock

Measuring service levels has become increasingly important in order for distributors to be competitive. However, the standard fill rate report in Eclipse isn't able to handle the case in which customers request their order be sent in multiple shipments unless the required date on each generation is correctly entered. Since require dates often are not consistently maintained, the standard fill report doesn't provide an accurate picture of service levels.

The issue this report solves is how to distinguish between items that have been backordered due to insufficient stock quantities and those that have been split into multiple shipments at the customer's request.


This report allows you to factor in the current stock quantity when the report is generated. Each shipment of a given line item is a separate line on the report and is evaluated based on the quantity left to ship, what was actually shipped and the current stock level for that product.

The service level for items which are partially shipped on a day where the stock quantity is greater than the ship quantity is considered to be 100%.

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