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Database Synching

One of our specialties is providing automatic synching of Eclipse data to external databases, like MySQL, SQL Server or PostgreSQL.

We typically mirror product data from either the Eclipse product file or PDW to a website database as part of our web integration projects, for example. This allows the website to customize how product searches work, without being limited to just the search capabilities in Eclipse.

For some companies we set up a process that performs a bulk refresh each night to keep a data warehouse or other database in sync with Eclipse.

Alternately, we can provide real-time synching of changes in Eclipse as they occur. For example, we've provided continuous synching of key Eclipse data, including all customer, vendor, contact, product, pricing, inventory and order data (i.e. ledger file). The result is that the SQL database contains a perfect mirror of the data in Eclipse that's always up-to-date.

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