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Effective Solutions for Distributors

Ponderosa Innovative Solutions provides software enhancements for Eclipse ERP designed to meet the specific needs of the companies we serve. Whether our customers need an improved version of a standard report or the ability to connect Eclipse to their website, we supply solutions that help them maximize their business.


We make Eclipse work better for you

Each company using Eclipse has a unique approach to operating their business. We tailor our solutions to address the exact problem our customers are trying to solve.

By listening carefully to our customers, we can understand the specific issues they’re trying to address, then work with them to devise an effective way to solve the challenge they’re facing.


We’re not satisfied until you are

Drawing on the experience gained from 15 years working with Eclipse users, Ponderosa Innovative Solutions is committed to providing value to the companies we work with. We’re not satisfied until our customers are.

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Our Customers Say...

"Ponderosa Innovative Solutions helped us with software integration that improved our efficiency and automated a number of manual processes. They programmed our data to sync orders, tracking information, pricing and quantities with Amazon. Now, with instant order processing and prompt shipping notifications, Amazon has ranked us in the top 25% of their third party resellers."

Veronica Guillen-Simon,
Vice President
Guillen's Enterprises, Inc.


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